beat street trio

The Musicians

MIke Aiese - bass player - Beat Street Trio

Mike Aiese (Bass)

Mike began playing bass in grade school and later studied double bass in college. A significant portion of his career found him playing with a variety of successful bands at many of the well-known Catskill hotels. Mike met Dennis while playing in the Catskills, and for many years they have played together in various ensembles. In the last few years Mike joined Andy for some gigs with his band “Andy Moss & The Night Owls.” Dennis played drums on some of these dates as well leading to the creation of a new three-piece band called “Beat Street Trio”.
Dennis Bosoglio - drummer - Beat Street Trio

Dennis Bosoglio (Drums)

Dennis started his career as a drummer while living in New Jersey. Eventually he joined "Solid State"—a band that traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad. Some of their performances took place in Catskill hotels, which led him to a job with a band at the Nevele hotel in Ellenville, NY. He eventually put down roots by moving to Ellenville. Over the years he has worked in a variety of rock and jazz groups and has performed in several musical productions at the Shadowland Theater in Ellenville. Dennis has played with his musical friend Mike Aiese for many years, and has worked several times with Andy’s ballroom band.
Andy Moss - pianist/singer - Beat Street Trio

Andy Moss (Piano/Vocals)

Andy's musical career began in Queens, NY where his first gigs were weddings and weekends at Catskill hotels as a pianist/singer, bandleader and band member. He later toured the U.S. and abroad with his own quartet; played piano and sang with a touring seven piece show band; played keyboard with a popular six-piece New York City-based disco band; and up to recently led his five-piece ballroom dance band (for many years a featured band at the Mohonk Mountain House). Today he performs solo as a pianist/singer and with the “Beat Street Trio”.